Website Update
Saturday, 13 September 2008 01:00

If you are a returning visitor, you will probably notice a couple of new features on the site. 

We are presently undergoing a complete running revamp and update of the website and are gradually releasing new features. We will very shortly be going live with our online shopping cart over the next few days and further additional site features will also be unveiled.

 Make sure you check back regularly, or register with us to be kept informed of all updates!!

 Thanks for your patience,

 The Retro Custom Crew.


Pre '61 Beetle Fuel Measuring Sticks
Saturday, 13 September 2008 01:00


Hot out of the Retro Custom workshop is a reproduction ofthe very hard to find fuel level dipsticks issued to VW beetle owners back inthe day.

These rather smart aluminium dipsticks are anodised deep blue forsolvent resistance and have the measuring units engraved into thealuminium.

Two versions are available one for the flatter pre-August '55 bug fuel tanks andanother for post-August '55 to late-1961 humped tanks.

Two measuring units are displayed on the dipstick - the tankcapacity in litres and thedistance which can be travelled on that amount of fuel in Kilometres(if you still have a stock 30 horse engine!)

 No more guessing the fuel level, or braking hard to listen for the 'slosh' of petrol! Purchase one of these and discover exactly how much petrol you have remaining! 

VW Action 2008 - Best Stance Trophy Winner!!
Monday, 01 September 2008 01:00


Congratulations to Puppy from Type Three Detectives for winning the Retro Custom Best Stance trophy for his ultra cool '67 Air Square!

Retro Custom Best Stance Trophy - VW Action 2008
Wednesday, 27 August 2008 01:00
Retro Custom will be awarding a trophy at VW Action for Best Stance!
No, we don't mean a trophy for your best 'I am a teapot'  impression, this trophy is to be awarded to the one VW there which we believe simply oozes stance! 
Anyone who enters the Show and Shine could win! We will be checking out all the cars there, and the car which has the best stance will win!
We are considering everything from ground scraping slammed cars to Bajas to even stock VW's! Everyone is in with a chance so enter your car in the Show and Shine for a chance to win!  
The winner will be taking home this cool 6 inch wide narrowed beam trophy made by Larry using offcuts of steel found lying around in the workshop! 
Ultra VW Bug Boogie
Sunday, 30 September 2007 20:48

Today we visited the Ultra VW Bug Boogie show, held at Wellington Country Park near Reading. Having not been to this show before we had heard only good things.

The show is a very chilled and laid back affair with a great atmosphere and not only were there loads of VW's to keep people occupied, the show also incorporated a Porsche show, so there were plenty of early and late Porsches to drool over!

A selection of pictures from this show have now been uploaded to the gallery - click here to view them.



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